Synopsis from book:  “When Miri and a few of the girls from Mount Eskel’s princess academy travel to the capital to help the princess-to-be get ready for her wedding, they have no idea what to expect.  Some are worried about leaving their beloved mountain home for the first time, others are thrilled about going to the big city, and Miri is mostly just happy to see her best friend.

“But not everything in Asland is as perfect as the mountain girls hoped.  As Miri learns more about her new home, she finds herself deep in the middle of an upheaval that affects everyone she loves.  Torn between her loyalty to the princess and her belief in her new friends’ daring ideas, and between an old love and new crush, Miri must test the strengths and skills she gained in the princess academy.”

Rachel:  This book was very exciting.  My favorite scene was when Britta saved the four-year old boy.  There is some guns and a little violence, but it is pretty good anyway.  The story turns and twists all around.  I thought that Miri’s choice would be good and not bad, but it turned out different than I thought.  This wasn’t as good as the first one, but it is still very exciting.  For younger kids:  there is some romance, but only a little.  Yuck!

Mom:  I always enjoy Shannon Hale’s books and this was no exception.  This sequel to the first Princess Academy retains some of the romance, but introduces a new political element.  There are mysteries and plot twists and surprising revelations throughout.  As always, the writing draws the reader into the book, making it hard to put down.