Synopsis:  Jamie Grimm, a young comedian in a wheelchair, wants to try his luck in the “Funniest Kid in America” contest.  There is a big mystery in his past that is slowly revealed during the course of the book.  Jamie has a lot of  issues that are common to middle school kids and a cheerful courageous attitude toward life.  Written in first person,  this book contains a lot of jokes and really wonderful illustrations.

Matthew: I funny had me cracking up.  All ages will enjoy this hilarious middle school story. James Patterson has written a lot of great teen books and this was no exception. I really liked that the book was not all jokes, but also taught an important lesson.

Ben:  If you are looking for funny, come to this book.  If not, leave this book far, far away from you.  I loved it!  It was totally awesome.  The kissing part was kind of weird and I didn’t enjoy it that much, but over all the book was pretty good.

Mom:  I’m not all that into silly junior-high jokes, but I really liked the story and the mystery.  Unlike some of Patterson’s books, there is nothing objectionable here (unless you are a preteen boy and count a kiss as objectionable).  This book says a lot, subtly, about overcoming trials and troubles cheerfully and making the best of bad situations.