9781470300814-LSynopsis:  Jordan Johnston, a sixth-grader, feels utterly ordinary in every way.  Like most young girls, she longs to feel special and talented and thinks that everyone around her has all the talents she lacks.  She tries many different activities in hopes that each will  be the thing that makes her stand out.  She deals with bullies and best friends and disappointments and compliments.  In the end, she discovers a measure of her own worth in a surprising way.

Rachel:  The end of this book was very surprising.  If you don’t like books that are about girls, this isn’t for you.  I literally loved this book.  This is realistic fiction.

Mom:  I enjoy Andrew Clements’ ability to create an authentic feeling for young people.  This book felt like I was talking to my daughter.  I appreciated the plot line involving the bully.  Instead of the typical underdog facing up to the mean kid, or the more modern anti-bullying and harrassment school policies, Jordan deals with her problem with kindness and understanding.  I love the uplifting message.  So many girls are quick to see the talents of others and equally as quick to dismiss their own positive traits.  This book may encourage girls to look at themselves in a new way.