Want to find a great new teen or middle-grade book to read?  We can help!  Our family enjoys reading and we often find ourselves stealing each other’s books.  We want to let you know what we are reading and what we recommend.  What makes this blog different is that both teens and parents will be reviewing the same book, so you get the benefit of both perspectives.

My name is Melissa Marwedel and I have four children. My teenage boys love science fiction, magic and adventure books, while my pre-teen girl likes history and  fantasy.  The 2 year old is fond of board books and stealing bookmarks.

We care about good books and great authors.  We usually steer clear of books with lots of violence, bad language or inappropriate situations.  With each review, we will make an effort to warn you if there is anything we would consider questionable in our home, so you can make an informed decision.  There are so many good books out there, though, that I know we will have lots to share with you.