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theo-staff Summary:  We reviewed Theodosia and The Serpents of Chaos earlier and we finally got our hands on the latest three books:  Theodosia and the Staff of Osiris, Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus, and Theodosia and the Last Pharaoh.  Theodosia is a nineteenth century British girl who can see Egyptian curses and knows how to remove them.  Luckily, her parents are archeologists who are in charge of a museum.  Theodosia has all sorts of adventures involving such groups as the Serpents of Chaos, the Order of the Black Sun and the Eyes of Horus, as well as unlikely friendships made in England and Egypt.

theo-horusBen:A very good series to read.  Theodosia’s slightly rebellious attitude mixed with her frustration at others makes her a character easy to like.  I was happy with this series.

Rachel:  This series is one of the best I’ve read.  I love these kinds of books.  And considering that I’m a girl and I like history, it was even better for me.  I encourage those who are girls and like history to read these books.

Mom:  I really enjoyed these books!  I love to read about Egyptian mythology, but I also really love plucky female heroines.  A lot of Theodosia’s family issues are brought out and examined, and somewhat resolved, although I think there is material there for another book.  The second book, like the first, has one swear word.  The other two didn’t have anything inappropriate.



Synopsis:  Dak, Sera and Riq are back, but this time they are facing Vikings!  The break in time occurs in the 800’s in Paris, when the French were facing attack from a group of invading Vikings advancing up the River Seine.  Through a series of misadventures, the trio find themselves separated and on opposing sides of the battle.  Sera finds a touch of romance, while Dak explores a real Viking ship.

Matthew:  I really enjoyed this book.  The cool feature that I’ve rarely seen in other books, is that you can download an app to go along with the book.  It is a really cool game.  I enjoyed the app and the book quite a book.  I would highly recommend this series!

Gasp!  Dad read this too!  His comment:  Great story with a lot of action.  It had some surprising twists and turns.  Just when you thought it was over, something unexpected happened.

Mom:  I wasn’t sure how this series would change with a change of author.  I was disappointed with 39 Clues when that happened, but this series continues to have the same standards.  No swear words or inappropriate scenes!  This was a little more violent, but not graphically so.  We are talking about Vikings, after all.  I particularly enjoyed learning more about a time in history that was unfamiliar.  The romance seems a little sudden and a little cheesy, but I don’t think that will bother many young readers.